"I never met a Manolo I didn't like." - Kittie France

"You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes." - Patsy Stone

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." - Imelda Marcos

"I never met a Manolo I didn't like." - Kittie France

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53 - Serge/Sergio, I Love You

This may look like I have suddenly lost a leg, but I haven't - it's just the unflattering angle of the shot made my other foot look like a pig's trotter, so I chopped it off and this post is therefore unipedal. I'm sure my readers will understand. Anyway, this magnificent shoe (be assured there are two of them, both in excellent health) is by Sergio Rossi, in black with tan trim and an elegant heel and elasticised slingback that actually works. Worn on this rather chilly summer's day with Cedre by Serge Lutens. I just realised - Serge, Sergio - have you met? - I love you both! xxx


  1. Love these, and the pairing of Serge and Sergio--very clever (but you always have been).